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16th Jan 2017 / 2 years 177days – The Abrupt Change in the New Year

January 2017
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  • Itchiness: Severe
  • Flaking : Severe
  • Burning skin: Minimal
  • Redness: Torso, limbs, face
  • Soreness : Hands, limbs, face
  • Weeping skin : Limbs
  • Mood : Renewed

Sorry about my very abrupt negative post previously.

2 posts back, I reported that my shedding has decreased to a new low, and even shared pictures of my hands in healing.https://zombiebegone.wordpress.com/2016/11/22/22nd-nov-2016-2-years-122days-is-the-zombie-really-leaving-now/

I think, for the whole TSW journey, my hands were at its best then. Actually that was the best healing I had.

Then just before new year, I abruptly shared how I discovered I had prolactinoma and how things took a downturn.


20Dec16 – hands cracking and stopped healing

Then now,  my hand regressed to this again.


Mainly due to a major change I did not update all, I moved back to live with my hubby and son on 3rd Dec 2016. While my relationship with my hubby improved (he introduced me to his new friends for the new year countdown. we had such a lovely time with beautiful fireworks and my son was so happy.) due to the move, my skin really suffered. It was a toll on me that those newly living with me could not tolerate my awful stench nor the sweet lavender fragrance of my essential oils strangely. I was not allowed to soak my clothes overnight or more than 2 hours, necessary to rid of the oils and stench of my fragrance-free washing by MIL, and yet am complained to about the smell left behind after every shower, and persistent smell from my washed clothes, beddings, etc. I was told off that the utilities bill increased due to my return as I need to cook my meals at home and wash all my bandages. I can’t turn right, I can’t turn left, I decreased my application of my treatments, and washed only when necessary. And TA-DAH, I regressed.

It was the height of the inflammation just a week before my son’s school starts in the new year that I got desperate and seeked whatever my remaining funds could leave me to. I was back to shivering hot and cold, and since I have already put all my funds in NAET and essential oils previously, I chose to seek a strong dose of TCM again. So there, I was STILL reluctant to let TSW go totally. All my hardwork….. I really felt pity for myself.

Daddy watsapp-ed me. http://gingkotcm.com.sg/

This looked familiar. I quickly browsed over to Juliana’s blog.


I contacted Juliana, and after getting some encourgements, and overcoming my disappointment with my previous TCM experiences, I hopped over to the clinic with high hopes.

And I think, I got it right this time.

This sinseh has countless of TSW warriors all healed under his supervision. The first thing he always does for all the sufferers: emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting. This part the sinseh I was with for the first 14months of my TSW did not address, and hence my landing in hospital with eczema herpeticum.

Of course, the first thoughts from the negative part of me “why didn’t I head here sooner?”

Then the positive part of me “Even Juliana only discovered this place in the past year, I wouldn’t have known, better late than never yah?”

He emphasised the messages that got me started on TSW in the first place, how everyone DOES heal and how everyone’s journey differs. And then he said that since I already had been away from steroid past 2 years, he does  not think I need suffer too long anymore. He asked me to stay with him for 2 months to see results.

WOW, such confidence.

And within the next few days, my skin did react positively to his herbs and washes. Although the washes stung me badly the first time I used them, I think it was necessary to guard against infection and tone down the inflammation. Usually at this point, the first thoughts that come to my brain will be “could there be steroids in his herbs?” But my Daddy pointed, since I was already contemplating stopping TSW with steroids anyway, why does it matter whether this TCM uses their version of steroids or not?

Quite right.

I was assured his herbs did not contain any. And his explanations fits my understanding of TSW, and what I have been going through in my journey. So, faith renewed and willing, I am sticking to this TCM for the next 2 months at least. I can only keep praying and be diligent as much as I can with my new household.


8th Jan 17 Drying up from the new TCM herbs


8th Jan 17 Drying up from the new TCM herbs

Meanwhile, finances is almost zero for me. With insurance payments and housing loan payments due, I am desperately searching for a part-time job. But when I do get selected for interviews, employers were doubtful on how long I can last in their air-conditioned offices. I did show some uncertainty in assuring them that as well. I really do not know. I still hurt, and the bottom line is still, that if my hands do not heal, I cannot work.








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