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27th Dec 2016 / 2 years 157days – The Excessive Sweating

December 2016
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  • Itchiness: Increased
  • Flaking : Increased
  • Burning skin: Torso
  • Redness: Torso, limbs, FACE
  • Soreness : Limbs, FACE
  • Weeping skin : Limbs
  • Mood : Resigned

With my previous posts few months back, I mentioned my regrets at starting this journey because of health problems created by TSW itself. I did not do enough research to understand immunosuppressants impact to cause delayed healing. I was so eager to start motivated by high possibility that I can have skin and very slight eczema exactly like my mum in just 2 years. But what this TSW brought me was a virus, delayed menses, loss of job and income, demonic face, pain, suffering, lost time with family, etc……

As if that’s not enough, I must have high prolactin (a hormone) levels. I only found out now.

What took me so long? I think there is something about me and research. I just don’t read enough in detail… I miss out important points, get misinformed and don’t bother to question more. Also, there is misleading information that simplifies much complex studies….. The symptoms of TSW are so wide its easy to disregard whatever symptoms experienced. My healing was at such a standstill as noted in earlier posts, I finally made the move to confirm suspected adrenal suppression.

Then there is the thing about public subsidised health service…. first consultation with Endocrine 11th May, like 3/4 consultations with blood test, and then came to know final reason why my period never came in end November….. 7 months! Turns out I do NOT have adrenal suppression, neither do I have thyroid function abnormality (PHEW). But I do have high prolactin levels and early menopause. Suspected prolactinoma had me go through an MRI scan……No tumour was found, but a small lesion of 4mm by 5mm in the pituitary gland……… If I do have a tumour, it might progress to another stage by now.

According to the Endocrinologist, this is easily solved in 6 months with a tiny dose of medication to bring the prolactin levels to normal levels. After that, my menses SHOULD return and early menopause SHOULD halt. He made no promises tho, saying he will review me and then advice.

There is the excessive sweating that I have been putting up with for the past year or so. It is a very common symptoms amongst those recovering with TSW. It bothered me so much I kept questioning the members of Singapore TSW community on how long this stage last. Again, the symptoms varies so widely. Some mentioned a few months, others said a year. I past 1 year and it disrupts alot of my activities, making me stink VERY badly even if I showered. Excessive sweating is also a common symptom for early menopause. What I am saying is, I actually do NOT know whether my excessive sweating is a healing thing, or a menopause thing. ARGH. This is disrupting my social life, my living arrangements, my marriage… etc.

All this confusion. Why?

All these health problems, did I create them with my healing?

All the time and money, did I lose them for nothing?


FINALLY,…… A few more days to steroid decision……… show me the way.



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