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9th July 2016 / 1yr 353days – I Kinda Lost It

July 2016
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  • Itchiness: Bearable
  • Flaking : Moderate
  • Burning skin: Moderate
  • Redness: Whole body, stressing hands and face
  • Soreness : Limbs, neck
  • Weeping skin : Limbs
  • Mood : Pissed

Throughout TSW, I frequently experience kind-hearted strangers coming up to either me or my mother to recommend some treatments or doctors. Mostly are good experiences that reminds me most people are helpful. Most bad experiences are those with hard-selling (relentless asking for over hundreds and disguised as very friendly super concerned strangers) sales people for filtration systems, creams, aroma oils, supplements, health foods, etc. Today, I had a bad experience of a different kind, and that made me want to touch on previous experiences as well.

Sometime last year, might be February 16, I was in the bus with my mum, huddling and scratching away in my seat, when an old uncle seated behind me called out to me, so loud the WHOLE bus could hear him.

“Miss ah, miss, I have a doctor. He is very good! I was very itchy, and I couldn’t sleep. It was so miserable, I never had skin issues. But I went to him once, and he gave me a cream and its very good. Go see this doctor, next stop, at Old Airport Market.”

And yes, so now the WHOLE bus knows there is this lady seating near him with skin issues now. He was pointing out to a Family Physician. I guess, yeah, if one never had skin issues and suddenly was given steroid cream and it controlled well, you would think it is a good cream. Until you realise it keep returning and gets worse? The most annoying thing is, he expected me to get down the bus straight away to see this wonderful General Practitioner….. ah….. My mum told him in hush tones I see specialist over 25 years and am still under the care of one and thanked him. But he wouldn’t relent and asked me to get down the bus immediately. I respectfully smiled at him and nodded my head, until the bus moved off the stop at Old Airport Road. He realised I wasn’t going to head his advice and stopped talking. Two more stops, and he alighted the bus. Just before he did, he nudged me to “please do see the doctor”. Embarrassing, but I appreciated his concern. Sweet old man.


Then there are those who are wary of approaching me directly as they fear my reaction, and chose to speak with the company I was in instead…… usually my mum as I don’t really go out with people since TSW. There was this other time around 30th December 15 last year, when I was at the airport with my husband and his travel partner, having a meal at the staff canteen, I noticed an Indian middle-aged man kept watching me. Quite accustomed to stares already, I just shrugged it off. I walked away from our table to order some food, and this Indian man approached my hubby’s travel partner sitting alone there. When I returned to the table, he had finished sharing with a handwritten note, the web address of an Indian doctor. Actually, thinking back, this might be an Ayurvedic doctor.  Had I taken that advise, who knows, I might have seen healing 3 months earlier (I started Ayurveda sometime in 4th April)………

Ah well…


And now for today’s unhappy one…… I don’t usually go out to crowded places, but these few weekends, I felt fine enough to lunch out with my baby and my mother.  On a Saturday like that, I know I get more stares. Today I had plenty stares lunching at Parkway Parade as my hands were in very bad shape…. red and swollen. This elderly lady, (strangely dressed  as sloppily as I am), carrying several bags and walking with a slight limp, approached my mother. She started chatting quite loudly, while I was already walking quite far in front carrying my beautiful little one. Mum called out to me to stop and turn  back. I walked towards them and the lady rudely held up one of her palms towards me “stop, don’t get close to me.”

I shrugged “ok”. At this point I was NOT offended… YET.

Then she carried on to tell my mum certain baths to try with leaves that we have already heard of, and the VERY BASIC food restrictions (seafood) I think ANY skin patient’s mum will be aware of…. she carried on and on, until suddenly she turned to me to tell me “Do not scratch, I know how it feels but you must not scratch, See you have blisters already, you will not get well.” After which she turned back to my mum to talk about yet super BASIC food restrictions (dairy).

At this point, I was irritated enough. Ask any eczema / psoriasis patient, if we can stop itching, believe me, we would. This is not a mosquito bite. Try our itch for 5 mins, you will find that while you have 2 hands to scratch where the itch is most relentless, 10 hands are not ever enough.

I interrupted her speech to mum “all these, we are aware of already.”

She felt the angst in my voice, “I am just sharing my personal experience, and I healed.”

“So how long have you had it?”

“From when I was very young like 4 till around 14. And I was cured, so I tell your mum how to get there”

ENOUGH SAID. Someone with childhood eczema (albeit 10 years is a long time), claims to know how to heal eczema, yet does NOT know eczema is NOT contagious to be fearful of being close to me is judging that I do not know my 25 years of strict diets, physical activities restrictions and crazy skin care regimes, countless pills and creams??? Please, you healed because you had natural eczema without using too much steroid creams and you outgrew it like most SHOULD. You were cleverer and luckier, fine. Do not come teaching me when you don’t even know its not contagious. And I doubt you had a severe experience if you are so insensitive to such feelings, because you never had them yourself!


I know she meant well…. I had for several months been nasty to such people… even kind ones…. especially those selling me stuff.


I always feel sorry after tho. ;(

Yeah, I am losing it.





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