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7th April 2016 / 1yr 259days – Ahhhhh Ayurveda!

April 2016
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  • Itchiness: EXTREME I CAN DIE
  • Flaking : Intense
  • Burning skin: Minimal
  • Redness: Whole body
  • Soreness : Whole LIMBS
  • Weeping skin : Limbs, neck, peri-oral region
  • Mood : I CAN DO THIS!

I stopped TCM once I started work in November. Simply because of financial and time constraints.

This news was making so much waves, I had friends left, right, centre, referring me to it.

Over $15,000 raised to help Singapore woman with severe eczema


Huiling shortly joined the Facebook support group for Singapore TSW warriors and was contacted like a celebrity.

For me, she is my answer to my prayers of needing encouragement from someone with similar usage history as mine.

And as Ms Luck would have blessed me, she actually responded to my messages on Facebook on Friday 1st April . And we found out we live nearby each other.

I felt I could strike the lottery as I prepared to be able to meet her and get the encouragement I need.

She asked me to join her THAT VERY DAY, in the NEXT 2 HOURS for a Ayurvedic treatment near where we both live.  She mentioned the charges are really affordable, and since it worked for her case, it might VERY VERY well work for me. (BTW, there were friends asking me previously to examine her treatment and I shoo-ed them off saying I cannot afford expensive treatment and will only go for $ reasonable treatments already tried by those in the local Facebook support group. I wasn’t keen and highly skeptical… you will understand when you tried so many different doctors and methods, esp I just went through the sulphur lake horror.)

I haven’t been this spontaneous since my single days, went I travelled Hong Kong alone, and planned the trip within 24hours. It felt right.

It felt GREAT when I saw her.

She introduced me to this Yoga school, which is also Ayurvedic treatment centre.

Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore

She made an appointment for me to consult the doctor.

Now I have heard of Ayurveda Treatment rehabilitation centres in Ipoh Malaysia. But the case I had followed is a Psoriasis case that had a bad reaction once she left the rehabilitation centre. So for me, it seems like it doesn’t work long-term. I myself am taking Indian herb Neem supplement for the skin and bathing in Neem leaves, and had not seen drastic changes. I had no intention to start any of this treatment but having this work for this lady, makes me re-think.

After an hour long consultation with the very kind doctor, and I was only charged $30 for the consultation, I was eager to try. The charges are really not exorbitant at all!!! And the doctor is SO SINCERE and kind. He also confirmed something my hubby has all along been trying to tell me:

Eczema is only curable, if the patient can control his reaction to stress. If you cannot handle stress, then you will never be cured.

Ok. I know I am an emo-wreck by nature. Somehow, he sensed my emotional struggles. Gave me some wisdom to sit on. I felt peace.

I can’t remember the exact words he used. But what he was trying to say, is that relationships happen as they are supposed to. People come and go as they are supposed to. If they really want to leave me, I cannot stop them. I just have to do the best I can when we are in each other’s lives, and not be apologetic because I am trying my best. If they leave, it’s because they have to. I must thank them for being part of my life and bless them.

With that said, what I must do now, is to GET WELL FIRST (this was also highlighted by a spiritual healer, which I will write about in another post). I was given Indian Herbs. These will be taken along with my current probiotics, Vitamin C, D, B6 and anti-histamines.


The immunity system is focus here. So because of financial constraints, I will finish off and will not replace my current immunity supplements:

  1. L-Glutathione
  2. L-Glutamine
  3. Colloidal silver


With a VERY SAFE feeling, I agreed to start my therapy come Monday 4th April. I had so much trust in the doctor and Huiling, I did not do ANY research on the treatment. I couldn’t have even if I tried, I found out later lack of articles on this detoxification treatment. I willed my body to be highly receptive of the treament, to respond well, and heal at a fast rate……


And boy! I was NOT prepared for this.


I had to fast from the midnight before, drinking only water. When I start the therapy, first, I had to cleanse nostril and head area with salt water. Let salt water be poured and travel from left nostril to exit the right nostril, and vice versa.

Then you swallow cups of salt water, hurriedly cup after cup, until you are able to vomit all out. Use fingers to ensure you have vomited all out.

You start to walk tip-toe, sipping tea-hot salt water, cup after cup, until you feel bowel movement. While waiting, you are taught various stretching exercises to help move the bowels.

I felt agony at this point, being told to take in more salt water than I can handle. ARGH, I WAS SO SICK. I felt green in the face. I complained and made stern remarks I will not have anymore. But my plea rejected. The bowel movement came, and guess what I faced.


Bleah. Shocked.

After several visits to the toilet, they gave me some pills, and started applying herbs on my body. The REAL agony started.

Intense, unforgiving, relentless itch. As long as I started intense scratching, both doctor AND therapist keep asking me to chant…. I was irritated. What NONSENSE! My itch cannot be chanted away!!! Doctor tried various methods to speak to me to calm me down. I wished him to go away.

I could have, and should have asked them to leave me alone really. I know I can just huddle myself for the itch to die down while I scratch less and less. But I guess they wouldn’t leave me alone.

Which stresses me more. And so I scratched more.

Which makes them wanna me to chant more, and speak to me more.

Which stresses me more, and so I scratched more….. this went on. Till my face was black and I ate their porridge and briskly went away.

BAD experience.

The therapist and doctor showed their concern and worries as they texted me shortly that day after. The Doctor asked for more time and patience, the therapist was worried I will not returning to therapy. Huiling was worried I was stressed and was the only one who I really told about how I felt regarding the whole session.

I went home and guess what.

BATH TIME AGAIN! I really can’t quit baths. Epsom and ACV to deal with pain and dryness. OH THE SHARP PAIN! I cried, for maybe half hour. CRIED HARD. My parents were freaking out. I CANNOT BE BOTHERED. And you know what? Their reaction was ” THE NEIGHBOURS WILL HEAR YOU”. No, not why I am crying? Not am I alright?…… but THEIR “FACE” (its a Chinese pride issue).

Ok, so my Dad did run out to get a TCM anti-itch formula from a friend. So my mum did really worry about my pain. But their FIRST worry is, I disgrace them. OK?!


Anyhow, IT WAS THE HERBAL OIL. I was left too long in the AIR-CONDITION without ANY moisturiser on my skin, so when the oil or ANY moisture is applied, I WILL ITCH. I highly suspect this is the case, but I cannot confirm. .But TODAY I confirmed it. And yes, that meant, I RETURNED TODAY FOR therapy.

Surprise! Why? Because, the very night after the therapy, I did see changes. POSITIVE changes.

I did not sweat as much at night. My calves ooze DRIED UP!

My rashes were not angry red. They turned pale pink!

And this lasted 2 days. At the end of the next day, my rashes were painful red again. STILL, it is amazing progress for me to have 2 days of calm. I was happy and eager for my hands to reap the benefits. I want to see benefits like Huiling has.

IMG_2795 IMG_2794 IMG_2790 IMG_2788 IMG_2786

I should have taken BEFORE pictures, but I didnt. To have an idea of misery:

IMG_2660 IMG_2659 IMG_2658

These were taken mid March.

This time, I prepared myself for the intense bowel movement by only taking in Kimchi soup for dinner the night before, and having nothing from lunch till dinner. At night after dinner, my last meal was at 11pm with a meal replacement drink. ALL LIQUIDS. But hey, sipping of the salt water for the bowels was still…. AGONISING. Again, I willed my body to be highly receptive to the treatment, to show healing at an alarming rate that will surprise the doctor and the therapist.

I also prepared myself to pace the herbal oil application. I did not remove my sleeved cardigan to protect my arms. I did not wear long skirt to allow air-condition to dry the skin of my legs. I am highly moisturised. I allowed the herbal oil to be applied only to certain areas I am less reactive in: My back, butt and belly.

I did not itch bad. PHEW! The herbal oil did not irritate those parts I applied. I am just very happy the doctor and therapist allowed things to be done at my desired pace. YEAY.

So this is my experience with Ayurvedic treatment so far. And I hope good results to come shortly.


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