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7th Mar 2016 / 1yr 228days – Latest Interview with Dr Rapaport

March 2016
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This is an overdue review. I chanced upon this somewhat late cause since working I haven’t been that active in the Facebook TSW support groups.

This is the latest interview with Dr Rapaport posted on YouTube November last year by very kind TSW healed warrior, creating awareness and doing good works.

Useful take-aways from the video for reminding / encouraging myself:

  1. ALL were cured over course of time. All the necessary treatment besides antibiotics and anti-histamines was really emotional support because it is such an ordeal for everyone.
  2. The average time needed is 2 years. Even if he uses a chart to “calculate” how much time is needed for each case, supported by past data, it is still just an estimate. This is because over the years, what we remember may not be accurate as to what really is our usage history.
  3. The situation getting worse with increasing potency and its explanation that you are allergic to increasing number of things like bedding / curtains/ dog/ food / hubby! Children! and you getting rid of so many things gets you NOWHERE. Because you are NOT allergic to these things.
  4. Most of us are NOT allergic to the food we eat. Once the patients walk out of TSW they can eat anything. Many TSW sufferers tried to eliminate so many foods, they lack the nutrients to fight against TSW ordeal.  oh goodness heavens, I so wanna EAT EAT EAT 
  5. Tapering off only works for ORAL steroids. Not topical, hence we have to stop cold turkey. Mechanism is different because its blood vessels impact we are trying to stop. There is no “too fast / too slow” for tapering topical steroid. You have to remove the cause of the impact cold turkey.
  6. 2  100% for this:
    1) ALL are cured; and
    2) all warriors love baths.
  7. All usual eczema burns out on its own. The trouble is when grandparents are anxious to have the grandchild heal with immediate relief, they go to different doctors, get over-treated and get stronger and stronger steroids, that children get addicted to steroids. Give it at least 6 months for eczema to naturally burn out.



  1. Stagnant phase for over 1 year.

    Why? What is happening? Why aren’t I healing like the rest show DRASTIC, and I MEAN drastic difference after going through TSW for 1 year. This bothered me so much, I was so desperate to heal and work well, I suddenly realised…. it might be my daily regime of having daily LONG HOT baths.This is a case of “monkey see monkey do”!!! Stupid spelt in bold, forwards and backwards!!!Like what Dr Rapaport said, baths are soothing for all TSW sufferers. Then again, the local Facebook group seems to lack warriors using baths for relief. Several times I asked online how long they take their baths, and I received not much replies. So I depended on the replies of warriors of the west.
    I failed to realise, the bath water of the west, is different. Ours in Singapore has CHLORINE, which is really drying.
    My first TCM sinseh warned me severely against long hot baths, I ignored because I think warriors who healed know better, regardless of whether they are overseas or local.
    I think I might be wrong. After the sulphur lake trip that proves hot water damage to my inner elbows, I got suspicious. And now I am trying to kick the habit of using hot water to soothe my pain. Slowly but surely.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that this revelation is the key to end my stagnant phase and really really heal.

  2. The lack of elasticity of the skin

    The cuts at the armpits, behind the ears, inner elbows, toes, my poor poor hands and fingers, bra strap area, groin… ENOUGH ALREADY. Its been 1 year past, when will my skin gain elasticity again to withstand stretching and stop cracking up. This is my MOST PAINFUL source. So much tears and endurance needed, so tired, I am soooo tired. I cannot function.

  3. The freaking relentless itch
    Again, test of endurance and getting so tired.
  4. Working full time hinders my limbs recovery

    I have to face up to this. I tried everything to fight the affects of air-con.

    I can’t do wet wrap as often as I used to when I wasn’t working, and that once a day wet-wrap at night before bed doesn’t salvage / relief much.
    I used zinc to dry wrap to work. But zinc don’t really work for me. They can get overly dry and the flaking increases.  I can’t cover my healing elbows or feet too long as without air circulation it doesn’t heal…….., yet if I do not cover I will freak everyone out walking around with those exposed red raw limbs….. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…….

    I go to sit in the sun when I feel the tightness of skin killing me, like twice a day.

    I swallow huge amounts of alkaline water.

    Yet I still suffer with cracking peeling skin at my tighs, calves, toes, poor inner elbows, hands, poor fingers…. I do not know what to do anymore. I think I am just not ready for 8 hours air-con exposure yet.

  5. Temptation to go back to steroids

    As my child is learning to sing, count, jump around…. I yearn to be with him….. And I suffer, and my work performance is below par….. the temptation to  give up is very strong.No one can promise me whether I might be that 1 weird case that will never heal by TSW? Who is to know? And who is to know even if I go back to steroids, and having all that side effects return ( unexplained bruising, yeast infection, tearing of the eyes, slow wound-recovery, sinus, asthma…..) that I may or may not end up blind soon? Perhaps I can survive without getting blind even when I reach 80? It’s a VALID risk to take since TSW is affecting my health, finance, happiness and family members so much.

    I am losing so much faith…. depressed…..


    If giving up hot baths don’t work and I remain stagnant for another year, this might be my choice to take after all.

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