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5th Dec 2015 / 1yr 135days Sulphur Hot Springs Trip : One Man’s Meat (Medicine) Another Man’s Poison!!

December 2015
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  • Itchiness: Intense
  • Flaking : Moderate
  • Burning skin: Bad
  • Redness: All over
  • Soreness : All over
  • Weeping skin : Calves, ears, face
  • Mood : Still grateful

As noted in my previous 2 posts, I was very bothered by my calves which were oozing over a year. Something needs to be done about it. And I did. I went to the sulphur hot springs in KL. It ended up a 10day trip, 19th Nov till 28 Nov. This trip was supposedly to take place in September but had been cancelled due to my repeated infections. Someone who has a longer history of steroid usage healed with help of sulphur hot spring recommended we try the well-known Malacca Gadek hot spring. The plunge was taken, when yet another came to my house for coleus leaves, showed my parents an amazing healing within 3 weeks.  My parents were so impressed and insisted I went,  regardless of my being strongly reluctant about it. We went to the one near PJ, Batu Caves called Selayang Hot Springs. Selayang Hot Spring Intro IMG_2171 With the overwhelming anecdotal evidences, I believe it DOES work. I believe it works at the right STAGE of healing at the right TIME. However, my results was much less than desirable for this trip. I really suffered. I kid you not, I was as in pain almost as much as I was at the hospital. And at the inconvenience of my relatives. I am so ever apologetic about that. I hope never to cause such inconvenience to anyone ever in future! Then again, I was only trying for 10 days. People consistently do so for at least a year to see good results. Please don’t judge me for only trying 10days. Initial plan was to judge progress for 14days, and plan for “maintenance trip” every month once I return to work. We have every good reasons to stop. I believe people only keep trying if they see no adverse reactions. I persisted on despite seeing adverse reactions to the sulphur water on my 2nd day…..and pull through until 8th day. We see no point when my hands and feet kept cracking and bleeding to no end. I could not really walk, and my hands regressed to a former state I worked so hard to heal from…… :~~(  The water completely destroyed me. Only sulphur mud did me little good at my forever oozing calves. Progress is painfully slow the effort was not really worth it.


Before trip


2nd day horror


Slowly healing 7th day

However, I am still glad I made this trip.  I have benefitted with new discoveries, better understanding in managing my symptoms, and realising clearer you must only depend on yourself.


1: Your body constitution matters! 

Please! There is a good reason why every TCM sinseh takes your pulse and understand your body’s constitution before prescribing any herbs. I realised the two strong evidences that sets me off this trip were of patients who had strong “cooling” body constitutions. I am of the other extreme. I surprised my confinement nanny with nose bleeds after drinking red dates tea during first few days of confinement!!! Both sinsehs I consulted for this TSW healing remarked on how unusually “heaty” I am for a female and always prescribed super “cooling” herbs. What works for one might not work for you because of this.

2: You know your body best! Do not give in to pressure, no matter who from and however good the intentions may be! 

I paid dearly for this lesson. I was told by my sinseh that my skin can never tolerate hot water at this stage, and warned me severely against it. My skin is so thin, that even at home at my bath, should I accidentally jack up the temperature a little more, my skin breaks and bleeds. It is believed that the sulphur spring water works only with heat. I wanted to try, body part by part first. Mum wants me to try whole body as long as I patch test once and I do not react badly. With good intentions, relatives urged me to take the hot spring water by getting “used” to the heat. The heated water at the hot spring is around 60degrees, which is really very hot. On the 2nd day of the trip, at 6am, the atmosphere was pretty cool and the water kinda cooled to maybe around 40degrees, I don’t know. But I took the soak. I soaked whole body in, and for a good 30mins. It was just plain horrible. My skin peeled and broke and bled for the next 4/5 days. Layer after layer. Took really long to heal. The flakes were back at such high volume it was embarrassing to my relatives. Mum had to sweep 4/5 times a day. I stopped soaking whole body after that 1 single try but persisted with soaking my calves. That includes exposing my hands and feet to the sulphur water still. Once I stopped the exposure completely, and used the sulphur mud instead, my hands and feet healed steadily. That only confirmed the harm the water caused me.

Pretty angry about the hands part, I was healing well, ready for work. Its sad when I look at the picture a month ago. IMG_1991 As I mentioned above, I still believe the sulphur treatments works well. Just not for me at my current stage. I might perhaps try again at later stage of my healing, say next year?

3: Milestone conquered: Surviving a plane ride! 

The reason why I was so against going for this trip at first was due to my belief that I would die on the way before I get anywhere. Whether by coach or by plane. The air draft on a plane is surely too strong for me, no matter how short the duration of flight. I thought train was the safest option as I can walk to the non air-conditioned cabins (Mum can’t tolerate being in a non-airconditioned cabin, and we don’t want to sit apart). But later realised a 6/7 hour train air-con exposure is going to kill me as much as a short plane ride. Thus we opted for the more sensible 45min plane ride. And I never thought…. I survived! That includes the check-in 2 hours before boarding, a 40min bus ride from airport to KLCC, so a total of 3.5 hours travel. I hope slowly, I can travel more…..

4: Milestone conquered: Understanding my limits in air-conditioned buildings 

Had to stay in a shopping centre whole afternoon. Around 3 hours in, I felt like dying. Skin dry and tight. I went into a changing room and stayed there for 20mins just to apply and reapply moisturiser whole body repeatedly. Then I had to “rest” outdoor for an hour. This is a good gauge at what I may be facing when I return to work 2 weeks later.

5: Alkaline water wonders! 

All along, I know alkaline diet works for me. Hence the avoidance of meat, dairy and caffeine throughout my TSW journey. Whenever I keep to total alkaline diet for around 3 days, skin shows good healing. I stayed with my cousin during this trip. Unknown to me, I was adding lemon to the already alkalanised water everyday. And it was amazing. I had vegetarian soy beehoon everyday, and a little MEAT EVERYDAY (I was feeling faint before heading off to Malaysia, fell down and was giddy. Think my low blood pressure caught up. So ate meat). NO REACTION! At first, I thought its because I have organic vegetarian every lunch. But when it was revealed that their drinking water was filtered from this machine that alkalinise the water, it all made sense. Now back in Singapore, I feel the difference. I will definately invest in such a filter, but perhaps a cheaper version.

6: Getting a good benchmark for my recovery 

I got in touch with my cousin, who is female, 2 years older than me, and was suffering from lupus. She had quit steroids and is healing well, after 5years. 5 years…. when I got that time line, I was appalled. You would know I was targetting at 2 years…. Since she is related and lupus is also an auto-immune disease, this MIGHT be a good gauge.  I need to shorten the 5 years……..

7: Good advice : No one owes me a living. I make my own path, regardless of family members. One step at a time. 

This really knocked me in the head. Rather than lamenting what others didn’t do for me, I should have regarding ANY help from ANY one, even my own parents, as a bonus. Not to be taken for granted, and definately do not expect it. I let this sink in, and some anger left me. And I felt my temper wasn’t as bad as before.

8: Good advice : I am not in position to complain about how others raise my son. I do not have the health to do it myself. Let go and be grateful he is happy and healthy. 

Also knocked me in the head. Once I get this in, I felt sooooooo much lighter in the heart, and in the head.  

 To all my cousins, relatives, nieces, nephews who had to tolerate my inconveniences, I am really grateful. Although the sulphur treatment did not benefit me, I certainly was glad to realise how much concern you all had for me. My aunts cooked,  baked non-gluten bread for my breakfasts, bought me vegetarian food, etc. My cousin’s wife took me to the sulphur lake EVERY morning. My cousin had long chats with me sharing her fight with lupus and bought SO MANY stuff for me to try. My maternal cousins came down to meet me for a meal, and they ALL read my blog (touched). Even after I returned to Singapore, they kept in touch to ask me how I am doing at work. So I guess, I gained more than I had “lost”. At least now I know, one method that does not work for me. Its a trip well-taken.

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