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6th Nov 2015 / 1yr 106days – Bite the Bullet! Do It!!!

November 2015
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  • Itchiness: Moderate
  • Flaking : Moderate
  • Burning skin: Minimal
  • Redness: Calves, feet, hands
  • Soreness : Thighs, hands.
  • Weeping skin : Calves, ears, face
  • Mood : Determined, more than ever

Yes, again I was waiting for a day with my calves not oozing to write this post. Again, that day never came. Come to think of it, my calves have been weeping for over a year. Needless to say, I was concerned if it is too long by any standards. Went around asking in Facebook, and as expected, people say its hard to compare. Had the assurance from Sinseh, who puts it in perspective for me. The lesions are indeed smaller, and the ooze is very slowly decreasing and drying up. I hope it continues this way.

So since my last “taxi post” in September, the annual flare was very intense, but was not too long-lived…….. around 1.5mth. I survived, with LOTSA sanity support from fellow sufferers, and friends. I am actually more comfortable to have people visiting, and had a secondary school friend (also my wedding in-charge) visit me. It was so much needed, I would have hugged her but I stinked bad. I thought alot, searched within, asked all the whys all over again. What I am putting my parents and my hubby through in this journey, so selfish!………Is it all worth it?  I have to make it worth it. At times I can feel sadness so deep, I physically feel pain in my left chest, and I can’t breathe. I found better understanding, and better peace, with this video.

This SERIOUSLY helped me keep sane. I would recommend this to any chronic sufferer.

Back to my skin…………

I noted the flare was easing off when I realised no longer complained to my hubby about dying in the bathtub around mid-Oct. (Haha, yes when I scream in the tub, he gets my depression…. oops)  Then, I tried going out. For every 1 day I am out, I rest 2 days. And I was coping well! I increased my activities, and I challenged myself to attend a friend’s (colleague) daughter birthday, with my hubby and my baby boy.

I SURVIVED, and I didn’t shy away from meeting other colleagues. They didn’t seem afraid of me too. I was so relieved. It was less than 1 hour, but I felt really good. Like, I can take on the world! Then, being over ambitious, I REALLY went out, and I wasn’t like dying miserable. I could cope. I attended to several errands and appointments for the next 2 weeks. I was careful in planning, to allow much-needed rest in between days I went ou. But there was this stretch I arranged badly to go out a stretch of 3 days in a row and rested only 1 day…. then….

BHAM! 3 weeks of better life, and I was down with infection………….again. This baffled all fellow warriors who have been with me this journey, not understanding why I keep getting infected. But this infection is different, it’s the milder one: Staphylococcus Aureus. Sinseh was concerned as the previous eye affected by herpeticum is swollen, so is my head, and that is not usual to him. So he had me go the hospital to check it. Being super broke, I was careful to refrain from being admitted to hospital again. Monday 2Nov I went to A&E and asked for strong antibiotics and to be let home. They wanted me to monitor my fever, which was 39.7°c at the time of consultation, and to return to hospital should the fever not subside in the next day.



Next morning, the fever subsided but my head continued throbbing and I was really scared my eye is infected again. I got hold of this holistic doctor recommended by the Facebook group and got an appointment. It was both an eye-opener, and a relief to consult him on Wednesday 4Nov. We know that our skin is messed up with topical steroids, but do you know our minds are messed up by long-term (certain) antihistamine usage? So there ARE side effects to CERTAIN antihistamines. And he says my anxiety, depression, inability to concentrate in lectures, most likely is a result of the long-term usage of my choice of antihistamines!!! No wonder I sometimes find fellow long-term sufferers, myself included, all abit kee siao one. So now I know why I am so stupid and can’t drive! (eeeeeh excuses? ;P)

I have long came across his name when searching for holistic/ homeopathy consultants in Singapore, and I know if I were able to convince my parents to gain their support to seek his help, I would have from Day One. But this is really expensive, $300 as base consultation! And at that time, Dad had really strong faith in TCM. No go.

Yes I am hopeless, my life is still run by my folks. But I am responsible for my own life, so…. anyhow my sanity struggle’s a different post entirely.

This Dr Erwin Kay (http://www.amelioclinic.com/ourdoctors.htm) started by reviewing my current regime, supplements intake, before inspecting the Staph infection. He wanted me to start clearing the yeast in my intestines with an antifungal treatment for 2 weeks. I was hoping it can be easier as I am already in cleansing mode for the past 1 year or so right? But no, he said it will still be tough. I will flare for 2 weeks. And I was frantic “I am starting work in January, I want to go into office by December! My son is starting school too! I can’t handle a flare together with the Staph! I am already swollen!”  To which he responds ” You are taking strong antibiotics for Staph anyway, take this chance and do it altogether. If I am you, I will bite the bullet and do it!”

That sentence hit me.

I have been praying, begging, chanting to Goddess of Mercy, show me the way home to my son soon. This sounds like it? Since I have already been cleansing during this journey, (only toxic thing I have consumed this TSW journey is the high dosage of medication in hospitals and for multiple infections),  this antifungal treatment might be the answer to totally clean out the remaining yeast and bad stuff in the body!!! And maybe the healing will really pick up!

I mean, to be honest, other than the 1st 3 mths of horror redness burning skin, I don’t look different from month 4 onwards till now. Still sore, red, weeping, scaly, flaky. Guess my arms really improved, but elsewhere the mess don’t look any different. Only I know the difference in my comfort level and the ease of the severe itch.

So I am doing this, with STRONG positive mindset. This is the help I am needing, and this is the way for visible healing. After that, its back to office and back to LIFE!  Should my face weep, handle with mask! My calves, handle with bandages! Flaking dry skin, go to an abandoned toilet to put emollients on! HANDLE IT! I AM READY! COME WHAT MAY!\



Before the staph attack, skin flakes were noticeably larger flakes, but lesser. Hands recovering well. Skin actually got more resilient against scratching, as it it doesn’t tear and bleed as easily as it used to. Fingers and soles keep cracking, ooze heavy dripping down calves. Face was presentable.

Sorry I choose not to take picture of my weepy swollen face for staph infection. I just can’t bring myself to do it.


IMG_2064 IMG_2057 IMG_2039 IMG_2017 IMG_1991 IMG_1990 IMG_2043


In a previous post (https://zombiebegone.wordpress.com/2015/07/) , I wrote that I was finally comfortable to share with all my regime in healing. Then I stopped writing cause I don’t want to lead anyone wrongly. But after seeing Dr Kay, I am now confident to share with you what I am currently doing to help ease the symptoms.

Baths / wet wraps for oozing skin:

  • Epsom salt with ACV
  • Neem leaves
  • Rooibos tea

Baths / wet wraps for flaking dry cracking skin:

  • Job’s tears with sabah snake grass
  • Oatmeal (not for gluten intolerant people)

Supplements (in addition to TCM herbs and antihistamines):

  • Vitamin C 6000mg a day (this is very different for each person, please only take 1000mg for a start!!!! CAUTION!)
  • Vitamin B complex 600mg a day
  • Additional Vit B3
  • Vitamin D 1000mg a day (Dr Kay says please increase this to 5000mg!!)
  • Fish oil 1500IU  a day
  • LactoGG 2 pills a day (Dr Kay recommends to add a stronger one for the large intestines)
  • Zinc 14mg a day (Dr Kay says to double this!!)
  • Coconut oil consume 4 tablespoons a day (you can up this)

Hope this sharing helps!!


  1. Qq says:

    hi, how are you? I hope you are getting better now. Hope to see your next update soon. Take care!


    • SueAnne says:

      Hi stranger! Really glad to know yet another who is reading my blog. I have been pretty depressed and thus did not have the “mood” to sit still enough to update anygthing. I just did an overdue post tho. Do check it out.
      Sending healing thoughts to you too!!!


  2. cindy says:

    hi, how are you feeling? no updates from you for 6 months..I pray that you are doing better both physically and emotionally. Stay strong ok! I was reading your old post on your consultation with Dr Erwin..how did that turn out in the end? thinking of bringing my girl to see him later today. Thank you.


    • SueAnne says:

      HI CIndy

      was meaning to respond to you immediatly to save you money but was held up rushing things at work. Please do not waste money on all the allergy tests and expensive medication. If you dun mind try TCM GIngko, this is my turning point.


    • SueAnne says:

      Gingko TCM is at PEople’s Park Centre.
      Stay with him at least 3 months through the hard steroid withdrawal. If you don’t think it helps, then let me know again.


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