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21st Sep 2015 Uh-oh!! Sorry Uncle!

September 2015
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Transaction SHD4615J 21Sep15 , Trip no 788119253



I am writing to express my apologies and seek understanding for an incident regarding the above noted trip.

I am a housebound patient, not well for frequent travelling. I registered for cab rewards as I know I will be incurring much taxi trips between home and doctors offices.

Everytime I travel, I suffer intense itch but I will do my best to control myself and not show it. Yesterday, I however inconvenienced the taxi driver of SHD4615J. My skin., already in a bad state, suddenly had a severe attack of itch. I could not help it but scratched in the taxi. The driver noticed when I paid the fare and saw I dirtied the taxi with my skin flakes. Embarrassed, I quickly sweep the flakes off the seat, and walked away. The driver was complaining behind me, but did not call me back. I saw him get out of his seat to clean the backseat. I went back into my house hoping to find my maid to help clean the taxi, but the maid was already out for errands. I cannot help the driver clean as my condition wouldn’t allow me to move around much. I also do not have a portable small vehicle vacuum cleaner. Hence, I couldn’t help.

But 20mins later, I looked out the window and saw that the taxi driver uncle is STILL cleaning his taxi. I know the severity of my flaking but I didn’t think a short ride could cause so much hassle.

I just want to convey that it is NOT my intention to dirty his taxi, neither do I want to explain too much detail for my condition is not well understood by many. Many will think itch can be controlled, but it really isn’t so. I know I cannot do much now except to express my sincere apologies.

Please convey my apologies to the taxi uncle. I hope the rest of his trips are all pleasant.


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