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Day 212 – 20th Feb 2015 2nd Flare Hath No Mercy

February 2015
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  •   Itchiness: Intense
  • Flaking : Very Severe
  • Burning skin: Neck, face, ears
  • Redness: Neck, face, torso, thighs, arms,
  • Soreness : Neck, limbs, torso, face
  • Weeping skin : Calf, folds behind knees, inside the ears, jaw line, neck, hands, arms, thighs
  • Mood : Miserable again

I had been very afraid of this flare, even though I wanted it to come as soon as possible. I was scared as the 2nd flare had such reputation for being more intense than the 1st. But I think, all in all, I was afraid of feeling like an invalid being house-bound. When your skin is dry and stretched to an extent any movement will tear old wounds or create new ones, you just don’t move. Hence my caretaker had to do almost everything for me. And my poor hands, they basically cripple me. I totally HATE that feeling of dependence. And I dread this happening again.

Dad has been taking note of certain articles on TCM healing for eczema. One article showed how an eczema case went through  55 months for healing, all in all, 10 flares. 10! I can hardly live with understanding I will face around 6! What good is TCM if this is the healing period and intensity?! No this will NOT happen to me. I will seriously consider bio resonance to shorten all the flares. Meanwhile, I am practising EFT technique for pain and itch management…… need a lot more persistence. Especially so with the very itchy ooze at my ears! They get swollen and wet about twice a day. I can feel the ears heating up. Its all the same for flares yeah? First red, swollen, then burning, then ooze, then peeling and cracks…. argh its just which part of the body is hit.

Trying VERY hard to stay positive with all the pain….. ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch! This flare is affecting almost any folds of skin at joints to have cuts: neck, elbows, arms, wrists, behind the knees, ears, hands, feet…… And the most painful area for this flare is the NECK. I hope this flare ends faster than 2 months….. :~(

And to have all the cuts, ooze, flaking and bleeding building up just before CNY!  The flakes are back with a vengeance at such volume!!! There goes all the visiting with my son! I had to miss out on reunion dinner with my son and hubby too. The day before the reunion dinner I had one such episode with full oozing on my limbs, I soaked a good hour with Epsom salt to feel less yucky. The skin was… so…… like wet sponge…. like plasticine… you know?? Sometimes I think TSW is more gross than childbirth.


IMG_0752IMG_0704 IMG_0720 IMG_0721 IMG_0728 IMG_0732 IMG_0745IMG_0746



Still I must think, and I know. This is but temporary. This shall not last, I shall survive and have my life back soon.

To all Chinese TSW warriors, Happy Lunar New Year!




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