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Day 202 – 10th Feb 2015 Embracing the 2nd flare

February 2015
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  • Itchiness: Intense
  • Flaking : Severe
  • Burning skin: Neck, face
  • Redness: Face
  • Soreness : Arms, legs, limbs
  • Weeping skin : Calf, around the lips
  • Mood : Ready, get set….. STOP!

Pardon the hiatus in my postings.

As I could function more the past 2 months, I achieved quite a bit in my activities. So I added 2 more items to my list of what I am grateful for…. one of which is… I got my wish granted………

I celebrated my son’s birthday with him!!!!

Got it all done! Despite my constant itching whenever I am in air-conditioned environment, I saw him every other day, got his cake ordered and collected, got his balloons all prepared as early as possible, etc. I am so grateful as I sang his birthday song, cut his cake and kissed him. Three months ago when I can’t even come out without leaving a trail of dead skin behind and oozing wounds on my feet, I never thought this was possible.  I felt so blessed!!


Skin Update:

Think I mentioned previously I suspected the 2nd flare is somewhat creeping up on me….

Well it indeed is. My hands NEVER got a break, they were red and scaly all the time. But the ooze at the groin completely healed around 3 weeks ago. My arms were healing ever sooooooo slowly. The wounds at my calves were also not healing nor regressing. Itching was always bad. Other than that, nothing happened for the past month. The skin was somewhat calm and manageable. Hence I could do so much for my son’s birthday. Only my face had new weeping spots.

Then I worried. I have passed the 6th month mark for the 2nd flare and it hasn’t happened. Has the TCM treatment prevented the 2nd flare from coming? Is the TSW progress stalling??? If the 2nd flare is slowly taking its time like that… I can’t afford to wait. First of all, my financial situation at home requires me to go back to work in 6 months time. Secondly, I am losing precious time with my son who is growing everyday.

Parents had a friend who introduced “bio resonance” therapy. I read up on it to understand that it is a treatment that builds on Quantum Healing theories to speed up the body’s natural healing process. It was just what I needed. I booked a consultation and went for it ASAP. I wore a long sleeveless dress so I can show the therapist the state of  my skin. My mum went with me so I can be more courageous with on-looker’s stares. However, after being charged a really high price for a non-accurate allergy report, and no assurance that this will definitely help, my parents are objecting for me to go ahead with this therapy.  I asked a few veterans about the therapy and many gave negative reviews…..

And so I didn’t get the therapy started…. and as I hesitated…..

My face slowly showed signs for a flare coming. Previously I showed weeping around the mouth.  Now there are red areas spreading slowly up to my cheeks and eyes. My poor hands are cracking again and bleeding. Itch increased around a week ago. Last Saturday I was in so much pain from the limbs and neck because of scratching and exposure to aircon. Neck oozed and cracked. Fingers and eyes started swelling again. Flaking increased suddenly by Sunday and has been getting worse every morning now. I can’t tolerate aircon again…..I stopped visiting my son and am living back on the couch…..

IMG_0590 IMG_0587 IMG_0580 IMG_0575 IMG_0563 IMG_0562



So this is what I asked for…. the second flare…. but how soon will this pass? It’s funny how I am more afraid now then I was at the beginning of TSW…. Even having gone through the 1st flare, am more worried about this one thinking back then how I had lived sleepless nights, all burning red-hot, miserable, unable to do anything to ease the pain…


Maybe better to have not known……










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