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Day 170 – 9th Jan 2015 On Gratefulness

January 2015
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  • Itchiness: Intense
  • Flaking : Very mild
  • Burning skin: None noted
  • Redness: Mild
  • Soreness : Mild
  • Weeping skin : Groin, feet, calf, around the lips
  • Mood : Keeping positive

One of the ways on keeping positive thoughts is to remind myself of what I am grateful for. I hope this list keeps increasing.

1. Ever so grateful to have a healthy, cute, beautiful son who has sweaty healthy skin…. Thank the Goddess!!! Ultimate blessing ever!

2. Grateful for a supportive hubby who is so concerned and sweet. He doesn’t complain about caring for the child in my absence but I know its been tough. Also the financial burden on his shoulders.

3. Grateful for caring responsible parents.

4. Grateful for a helpful brother.

5. Grateful for supportive friends and Facebook support groups. All their prayers and well-wishes means soooooo sooo sooo much to me!!!

6. Grateful I have found this way to a cure for my “chronic” eczema, and in time before its even harder to do so.

7. Grateful  I am SANE. The mental fight against itch can sometimes make me almost lose my mind.

8. Grateful I am responding well to traditional chinese treatments to ease TSW symptoms somewhat.

9. Really grateful I have kind bosses, and a good company that is willing to grant me no pay leave and keep my employment. I was also not left out for the annual bonus!!! I am indeed touched and indebted to them.

10. Ever so grateful I was able to spend my son’s first birthday with him…..  And I was ok even after the event. :~))

11. So grateful that I at least had my son’s first 3 months of my son’s life totally to myself. At least I had that…. He was mine and mine only.


Skin Update:

For the past 2 weeks, I have started meeting friends since I look much more human now. So far met 1 group of close girlfriends, and 3 other individually. I was doing well until last Saturday I walked too much and my groin started weeping bad again.

The oozing in these spots won’t ever heal. Its been there 2 months and more….See ooze in action, even oozing through the zinc balm… argh


New spot for ooze: around the lips  😦



The cracks in my hands re-appeared again…… they hurt….. as usual especially with water.

IMG_0267 IMG_0270 IMG_0273 IMG_0274

Its funny why I can no longer wear my wedding ring after TSW…. does TSW cause the knuckles to increase in size?!

I have been introduced to Aveeno baby Daily Moisture Lotion, by another who was previously addicted to steroid creams. I have been using it for 3 months or so. I did look up the active ingredient Dimethicone to note that it is not steroid.

I admit it does work well, sealing in moisture and I need not reapply more than twice a day. Then there was one Facebook discussion that lead me to think about this again. Dimethicone works like silicone. It forms a “protective” barrier like a plastic wrap. But this protection in turns deplete the skin’s ability to sweating, temperature regulating, sloughing off dead skin cells, etc. So in the end, does Dimenthicone prolong TSW healing process?!?!? I noted I do sweat though.. more in fact…. Confusion!!!

Then I figured….. for the discomfort in TSW, I am willing to take anything as long as it is not steroid. Should I need to wean Dimethicone off, I will do so after TSW.









  1. Greg Stewart says:

    Your oozing and swelling are most likely indicative either of infection or an allergic reaction. The development of perioral oozing is possibly suggestive of a food allergy being at the root of your flares; that, or something you use on your face that is causing an immune reaction in the more sensitive skin around your lips.

    Dimethicone, dimethiconol, simethicone, and other siloxanes are plant based silicones that are used as emollients. In small amounts they are rather harmless, but in larger amounts they can actually be irritants to eczematous inflammation. Colloidal oatmeal can be an antigen for individuals with wheat/gluten allergy, and a sensitising agent in eczematous inflammation for those with extremely sensitive skin.

    Due to the long list of emulsifying agents in the Aveeno products, the dimethicone is less likely to occlude the skin than the colloidal oatmeal. But, integral to the pathogenesis of eczema is the loss of the skin’s natural barrier function, so a certain amount of artificial occlusion is necessary to protect eczematous skin, and to seal in moisture that is typically released due to excessive transepidermal loss. In normal keratinized squamous epithelium act as a “sealant”, but this action is deficient in eczematous skin.

    Don’t over think the condition. Your skin will sweat as it needs to, regardless of the occlusion of topical agents, and epithelial sloughing will not be affected, either.

    Dimethicone is not going “prolong TSW”, but it may prolong or exacerbate allergic sensitivity.


    • SueAnne says:

      Hi Greg

      First of all, THANK YOU for shedding some light on my concerns. I want to have this TSW journey as short as possible. So when you clear my queries about whether Dimethicone will lengthen the ordeal, I am soooo relieved.

      Also relieved that Dimethicone will not obstruct my skin’s ability to sweat and slough off dead skin…

      I read a few posts of your blog and see that you did very detailed extensive research in eczema, and you have so much going on still! You are so strong and brave. Hang on in there! You are such an inspiration.

      For myself, my greatest difficulty I am facing now is the “infernal itch” as you put it. I still don’t know how to fight it well yet. Meanwhile, I will follow your blog entries for better understanding about eczema….

      Thanks again Greg! Appreciate!


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