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Day 116 – 16th Nov 2014 The black spots

November 2014
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  • Itchiness: Very itchy
  • Flaking : Mild
  • Burning skin: Very mild
  • Redness: Mild
  • Soreness : Sore
  • Weeping skin : Groin
  • Mood : Irritated

I have passed my 100th day….. I don’t think I have ever felt a longer and more miserable 3 months. Some concerned friends have asked to visit, but I rejected all.  There was a video blog of a TSW warrior who mentioned how we wouldn’t feel like seeing anyone, but she also advised not to shut them out and let them show concern.  We shouldn’t keep them worrying. I simply feel too embarrassed to have anyone see me in a dirty and smelly state. I felt the same way during my confinement after I gave birth. I didn’t want anyone visiting me at the hospital.

All the rotting skin now is not a pretty sight. I know my friends will understand. I will see them when I feel better and am more ready.

Just this week, I travelled alone taking a bus ride for 20mins. It was unbearable. The aircon was quite strong and passengers cannot control the direction of the airflow. I mean, there was no air vent that allows you to change the direction of the air flow. I couldn’t imagine those TSW warriors who take planes while suffering….. I think I would have died. I salute them!!

I am currently in the elephant skin “spotty” stage. See the red spots appearing all over my hands and legs.


Also I am puzzled by the black spots that are covering my feet.  They really look DEAD, and totally zombie-like……I posted online in Facebook asking TSW veterans who have healed whether they are familiar with these. I was glad that they mentioned discoloured skin is common and it will all go away.


I think if I audition for a part in Walking Dead, I’ll get it straight away. No special effects make-up needed.


Ending this post on a good note: my hands are healing well after a TSW warrior reminded me to use wet-wraps more often…..

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