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Day 67 – 28th Sep 2014 BETTER FOR 1 DAY

September 2014
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  • Itchiness: Mild
  • Flaking : Very mild
  • Burning skin: Minimal
  • Redness: Red
  • Soreness : Minimal, tight skin.
  • Weeping skin : Ankles, groin
  • Mood : OK


What a roller-coaster ride!

On 19th Sept, I itched all over… and I tried everything.   I took anti-histamine, did wet-wraps, drank Rooibos tea, variety of baths, still I itched….. I was so helpless I cried.

I scratched myself bad….. until my fingertips ached! Can you believe it!?

Itched died down next day then I became more sore than itchy. The the oozing came…. it got worse….. On 26th Sept  I was feeling so painful, I bombarded a few blogs and Facebook groups saying this:

“Does Embracing pain in TSW mean:
When your skin is weeping but at joints and face but the rest of the body too dry and splitting open for Epsom salt bath……. u try heavy emollients, wet wraps n baths of all sorts then suffer insane itch from MTHFR gene mutation…. sore with wounds…….you take antihistamines that results in dry skin again…… helpless………….”

I cried again. Cause you feel so helpless. I was quite depressed.

Someone said she also felt the 1st depression came the 3.5 month mark… which is about 1.5 month from where I am now. She put it very well, saying that things do not get better until we hit rock-bottom.

I just don’t know if this is rock-bottom for me.


Just when I feel most hopeless…. today things got better for me.




Not much weeping, not much flaking, not much itching. Hurrah! But good times don’t last. Come evening, I was tight again………


It’s hard for me to take pictures properly because my hands are always oily, making the whole phone oily  and the pictures come out blurry.



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