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Day 51 – 12th Sep 2014 The Big OOZZEEEEE

September 2014
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  • Itchiness: Very
  • Flaking : Excessively its scary!
  • Burning skin: Nil
  • Redness: Quite red.
  • Soreness : Painful.
  • Weeping skin : The folds behind the knees, thighs, neck, groin
  • Mood : Very depressed.

I absolutely hate this.

20140907_165858 20140907_165921 20140908_105113 20140908_105137 20140909_124531

I hate waking up everyday finding horror of stinky dried ooze and flaking dead skin on my bed. I hate the soreness of open wounds and skin feeling like paper cardboard. Hence I try NOT to sleep.


I understand from some TSW warriors that oozing is terrible come the 2nd flare. U always feel dirty and yucky. I tried wrapping with gauze to absorb the moisture but the yukky-ness is still there. Argh. perhaps I should just live inside a bath tub. I never knew I can produce this much ooze!!!!!

Where do you hate oozing and cracked skin most?

My list as follows (1 being most dreaded):

1. Hands

2. Armpits

3. Under the breast, where the bra strap tightens

4. Groin area

5. Ears


One thing I can’t figure as yet…..I am not sure if I am still in my 1st flare or already in the 2nd flare for sure. I know flares can last for months…… If this is my 1st flare and already I can’t control the ooze, I dread to know how my 2nd flare will be. ARGH


AAAAArgh I stink bad….. Guess I really need to study leaky gut diet….. also go try the Maya’s Eczema Herbal Baby Powder



How can I pull through the next 2 years…..????? I have to, no choice here.




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