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Day 28- 20th Aug 2014 Dr Chris Reynolds

August 2014
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  • Itchiness: Ok
  • Flaking : Excessively in the noon, then after that minimal by evening.
  • Burning skin: Ok.
  • Redness: Ok.
  • Soreness : Ok
  • Weeping skin : The folds behind the knees, thighs, the folds at the arms, groin
  • Mood : Not bad.


I know about Dr Chris Reynolds a few days after I  know about Dr Rapaport, and bought Dr Wheatgrass products the 2nd day I started withdrawal. He had mentioned that he has helped many patients go through TSW to “live again” not taking more than 1 year.

All my friends know I do not want to suffer the expected withdrawal time of 3/4 years. But it was only on Sunday 17th Aug that I decided to contact him. I wrote him an e-mail :


To: info@drwheatgrass.com.au
Subject: Topical steroid Withdrawal

Hi Dr Chris Reynolds,

I chance upon your YouTube video while researching on TSW.

I am currently at week 3 of my TSW. Before I began the TSW journey, I bought Dr Wheatgrass Super Shots, Recovery spray and Super Balm at Thomson Plaza in Singapore.

I have read through your comments in reply to others watching the video, that you have helped many go through TSW and you never took more than 1 year. This really makes me want to contact you as my steroid usage history suggests that I need 3/4 years and some hospital stays to get through TSW successfully. But I do not have 3/4 years.  I am hoping you can offer some advice as to how I should administer the Dr Wheatgrass products to achieve total healing in 1 year.

I have been taking your Super Shots every day. However, for the balm and recovery spray, I only apply them perhaps once in 3 days.

This is my steroid usage history:

<…………..> The same can be found in my “About” and “Disclaimer and Particulars” page.

I know you are busy with your patients but I am desperate to seek your kind help to reduce my pain and suffering, please.

I keenly await your reply.

Thank you so much in advance.


I was thinking whether he will reply, as he is in another country and I will not be able to consult him in person. But he has such a kind heart and replied me the VERY NEXT day! I shall not attach his e-mail here, as I do not want to breach confidentiality……But the gist of it is that he was very willing to guide me, asking me to post pictures of my problem areas. He has also referred me to another YouTube video of how to take his SuperShots to help through TSW. He mentioned he feels very strongly bout the damage  TS do to so many people yet they are still dished out as though they are harmless.


We need more doctors like that! MORE MORE! I wonder if there are any in Singapore…..


  1. ahfaye faye says:

    Hi SueAnne, good updates. hang in there! I think wheatgrass is a good try but I think this dr also recommends oral steroids and tappering off that and from my experience and many TSW warriors it just doesn’t work and get worse with the rebound so be cautious on using oral steroids in TSW. look forward to ur updates. stay strong! xxx


    • sueanneding says:

      Hey thanks for the heads-up Faye!!! You are right, he did suggest after that I keep oral steroids to replace the topical steroids. I told him I am not comfortable with that. He also stressed that “wheatgrass will help control rebound and aid skin recovery, but it won’t prevent all symptoms of TS withdrawal.”…… Currently the wheatgrass seems to help most in terms of wound recovery.
      I also noted your post on the Leaky Gut and am going to ask my TCM to do something about it!

      Really appreciate you make information for TSW warriors easily available in your blog gal! I look forward to your next post.

      Stay strong too! 🙂


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